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UM Online Directory

The UM Online Directory is a large searchable database of University of Michigan faculty, staff, students and alumni. Currently, the Directory contains about 265,000 "person" entries and 120,000 mailgroups. UM affiliates are able to authenticate to the Directory using their uniqname and Kerberos password. Once authenticated, users have access to modify their "person" entry and create, remove, or modify mailgroups.

The easiest way to access the Directory through the web interface: UM Online Directory

The University's Online Directory is updated from its official records approximately once per week.

UM Online Directory
Group Privacy
LDAP Authentication
LDAP on Mac OS X
Eudora LDAP on Mac OS X

Email Groups
Authenticated users may create and maintain their own email groups. See the following document for further information:
Working with E-Mail Groups

General Practice Policies/Guidelines

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The University of Michigan uses OpenLDAP for the Online Directory.

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