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SECTION: General University Policies and Procedures
SUBJECT: DRAFT Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan
APPLIES TO: All Departments and Units of the University
Number: REPLACEMENT DRAFT 601.15-1
Revised: 2002
Date Issued: 5/6/97
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There are three sets of circumstances under which entries in the umich.edu top level domain (in the form of blah.umich.edu) are granted.

A school, department or organizational unit that has been recognized by the regents and is listed in Section 100 of Standard Practice Guide can request a fully qualified domain name for their department.

Organizational Units not listed in Section 100 of the SPG should be placed under the appropriate domain in accordance with the organizational structure of the University.

Units only qualify for a single domain at the top level, and therefore domain requests must come from the head of the organizational unit. Units changing names must have a time line which clearly designates the time the original domain will be discontinued.

Examples: The College of Literature, Science and the Arts qualifies for lsa.umich.edu, however the Economics department of LS&A doesn't qualify for econ.umich.edu because organizationally they should be econ.lsa.umich.edu


In light of the wide scale development and deployment of the web. It has become desirable to have things located at the top level that do not represent the organizational structure of the University.

To accommodate this, alias (CNAME) exceptions can be granted on a case by case basis if the following criteria are met.

a. The request has the written approval of the Unit Administrator of a unit listed in SPG Section 100.

The unit administrator should state that the activity is part of their business at the University, and has their permission to be represented outside their organizational hierarchy.

On joint projects between departments the head of all units involved must approve the entry.

(Example: If the internal medicine department of the hospital wanted reflux.umich.edu, they would need written approval from the Executive VP for Medical Affairs; otherwise they'd have to use something in the med.umich.edu domain.)

b. To preserve the structure of the University online, the alias (CNAME) must point back to an entry in the originating unit, even if some other unit is hosting it.

This will help to clarify to users outside the University which part of the university is sponsoring the effort.

In the case of entries supported by multiple units the alias must point back to an entry in one of the units sponsoring it.

(Example: www.recycle.umich.edu is an alias (CNAME) pointing back at www.plant.bf.umich.edu showing it's sponsored by the plant department, which is part of business and finance.)

c. Since the purpose of the exceptions is to make things clearer and easier to find, exceptions must be unambiguous and clearly identifiable as to their purpose. Abbreviations when used should be obvious to individuals not familiar with the University or the service.

(Example: wa.umich.edu isn't clear but wolverineaccess.umich.edu is. ua is ambiguous as it's not clear if it's University Affairs or User Advocate)

d. The entry is intended to be ongoing and not of limited duration.
e. The proposed name is not the name of a department or other organizational unit within the University and is unlikely to be confused with one.
f. Exceptions granted as aliases are limited to themselves and cannot have additional entries underneath them.

(Example: being granted cashiers.umich.edu doesn't give you the right or ability to have union.cashiers.umich.edu or upper.union.cashiers.umich.edu)


Units providing standard internet services to the greater University community may request an entry representing their service provided:

a. Their name is an Internet-wide recognized standard and is implemented widely on the internet as a whole.

(Example: www.umich.edu is an Internet-wide recognized standard. microsoft.umich.edu isn't.)

b. The unit in question provides/offers the service for the campus as a whole. In the event that more than one unit desires the same service entry, one will not be created until the administrator of all of the units in question are in agreement.
c. The request has the approval of the Unit Administrator of the appropriate unit listed in SPG 100.

The Official Standard Practice Guide at the University of Michigan