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The PostMaster group handles messages sent directly to postmaster@umich.edu. They also field the "dead letter" rejection messages, which are email messages that for some reason cannot be delivered to their intended recipients.

Junk Email and Mail Harassment
Junk emails are unsolicited messages sent to users, usually of a commercial nature. If you receive junk email and wish to put a stop to it, you have two options:

Junk Email From Non U of M sources
If the sender is not at the University of Michigan, you can either contact the source's internet service provider, or forward the email to postmaster@umich.edu. Make sure that the forwarded message has full headers. See the documentation of your email client find out how to do this. Online help for ITD-supported email clients (PINE, Mulberry, Eudora, and Maildrop) can be found in the Frequently Answered Questions About E-Mail.

JunK Email from U of M sources
If the sender of the message is affiliated with the University of Michigan, forward the message with full headers to the IT User Advocate at itua@umich.edu.

Chain Mail
Participation in chain mail is considered abuse of internet resources, and may result in the loss of computing privileges. The best way to deal with chain mail messages is to simply delete them.

For more information on policies regarding chain mail and the consequences of sending chain email, go to: Breaking the Chain.

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University of Michigan Postmaster Group

Resources for U of M Users
The Information Technology User Advocate group handles violations of U-M IT policies. If you receive harassing email, suspect that someone has broken into your computing account, or experience problems that relate to violations of IT user policies, you can contact the User Advocate group for help on dealing with these issues.

Information Technology Policies and Guidelines at the University of Michigan is an online guide containing information on the proper usage of computer and Internet resources at the University of Michigan.

Resources for Administrators
Stopping Third Party Mail Relay : Contains a FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions), diagnostic information, and several solutions for stopping third party mail relay.