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University of Michigan IT Central Services

Printing Service

The RSUG Printing Service provides accounted printing for students, staff, and faculty of the University of Michigan as well as U of M affiliates and non-affiliates who wish to have accounted printing on their campuses.

Services include printing, the creation and maintenance of printing accounts, and AFS (Andrew File System), which is a file system that enables cooperating clients and servers to efficiently share resources across the network.

University of Michigan Students, staff, and faculty
Affiliates of the University of Michigan
Non-affiliates of the University of Michigan

General Features
Campus Computing Sites and ResComp:
Students, staff, and faculty who are subscribed to the RSUG Printing Service can access their personal AFS spaces from workstations in serviced sites throughout campus, as well as remote printing to Campus Computing Sites and Rescomp printers . Printing allocation funds are handled through ABS via kerberos authentication and notification of printing. For a description of printing privileges and other ITD services, see the Basic Computing Package Reference Guide.

U of M System Administrators and Affiliates:
ITD can provide management and maintenance of printing in U of M affiliated buildings and U of M departments. This service includes the setup and maintenance of printers, a printserver, and initial supplies of toner and paper. Additional toner and paper must be supplied by the department or building, but all printing hardware and software maintenance will be provided by ITD staff.

Non U of M affiliates:

Campus Computing Sites at sites.printing@umich.edu

Current Subscribers
University of Michigan Campus Computing Sites.
Residence halls computing sites
The Media Union
U of M School of Law
Michigan Union
Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

Obtaining Printing Services
U of M students, staff, and faculty can obtain accounted printing and other ITD services by contacting the ITD Accounts Office.
Users who are already subscribed to the Basic Computing Package may modify or add subscriptions to their accounts by accessing UMCE Balances & Subscriptions.

U of M system administrators, affiliates, and non-affiliates interested in obtaining accounted printing services for their department or building can contact Campus Computing Sites at sites.printing@umich.edu for information on negotiating a service license agreement.

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