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University of Michigan Information Technology Division

Nefu Test Suite

Individual Tests
Individual tests are protocol tests. For example, the ldap test uses ldap libraries to bind to the ldap server; the ntp test compares time on the ntp server to time on the nefu server, and so on.
  • dns
  • http
  • ldap
  • ntp
  • ping
Mail Tests
These are protocol tests of IMAP and POP mail services.
  • imap
  • imsp
  • pop
  • pop2
  • pop3
External Tests
The shell test is not a test per se but a way to extend nefu's capabilities by running an external script or binary.
  • shell


TCP Tests
TCP tests are simple port tests: if the test connects to a given port then closes the connection, it returns up. No banners are read, no protocol information exchanged.
  • afp
  • finger
  • https
  • imaps
  • irc
  • kpop
  • tcp
  • telnet
STCP Tests
The STCP test connects to a port, receives a 200-level banner, replies "QUIT", receives a 200-level banner, and successfully closes the connection. It then returns up.
  • ftp
  • imapactl
  • nntp
  • smtp
  • stcp
  • tpp