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Text Paging

Text paging allows you to receive a text message of 250 characters of less on your alphanumeric pager. RSUG has developed its own Internet-aware, text-paging system called beepage. beepage provides two methods by which subscribers can be paged:
Sending the desired message via email to uniqname@beepage.itd.umich.edu. The user may set their own page-alias through the x.500 system or the web-based University Directory. For example, user "John Doe", uniqname jdoe, can create a page-alias in the University Directory called jdoe-page, where the member field is modified to contain John's paging address: jdoe@beepage.itd.umich.edu.
Using the beep command on most itd.umich.edu Unix machines.

Allows alphanumeric (text and numbers) pages up to 250 characters in length. Facilitates better communication between sender and receiver because pages are not limited to phone numbers and numerical codes.
Authenticated paging can be turned on or off: This allows subscribers the choice to decide whether or not they want to receive unauthenticated pages.

Text paging is only available to employees of the University of Michigan Information Technology Division (ITD). In order to successfully run the text paging service, a subscriber must have an alphanumeric pager and paging service provider that support the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP).

Companion Software

Obtaining Service
To obtain textpaging service, email a request to itds@umich.edu with the following information in the message body:
your uniqname
The name and 800 number of your paging service provider
PIN or ghost number
Indicate if you would like an email duplicate of pages to be sent to your regular email address.
Indicate if you require that senders be kerberos-authenticated in order to be able to page you from a Unix shell.

Current Subscribers
ITD staff

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