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This looks similar to ud. What are its advantages? Why are you hoping to replace ud?

  • ud doesn't support LDAPv3 and SASL/Kerberos 5 authentication. Directory service is planning to go to LDAPv3 and SASL/Kerberos 5 authentication in the April/May time frame.

  • The vendor doesn't support ud.

  • dua uses a template library to retrieve information for display, if the type of information needs to be changed one would only have to tweak the ldaptemplates.conf text file and rerun dua, ud would need a code change. The use of templates allows us the flexability for different users such as directory managers, consultants to view different information. Templates allow us to establish actions and how to deal with those actions.
    Actions include:
    show membership
    show ownership

  • Command line options available:
    -h host
    -p port
    -f filter-file
    -t template-file
    -D bind-entry

  • Understands the concept of a "current entry", that is the entry that you had entered for a search. dua remembers it and you may apply any command applicable without having to type in the entry name again.

  • Any list returned is numbered, so searching for a particular entry from the list only requires you to type "search " or "s ".

  • Properly handles referrals. When you connect to a read only slave and a modification is made you are seamlessly referred to the master and you stay connected to the master for the remainder of that session, hence modifications are viewed instantly.

  • Can be invoked with a command line argument only, in which case an ldapsearch is performed and the results returned.

  • Modifying an entry is simplified.

  • One can set the environment variable BINDDN, if set and if the command line option to bind is not set then it is used. Useful for consultants and directory managers.

Last modified: Thu May 22 11:46:45 EDT 2003