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Fugu - Changelog.

Change notes from versions prior to 0.9.4 can be found on the release's disk image.

1.2.0 (2 May 2005):

  • new: promised file drags (drag and drop from remote pane to Finder)
  • update: additional FAQ entries
  • fix: valid paths for alternative OpenSSH installations

1.1.3 (22 Apr 2005):
  • new: support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • new: support for alternative ssh binary locations (Eric Knauel and Thomas Rasch
  • fix: build number stored in Info.plist, not hardcoded.
  • fix: corrected handling of * in filenames when parsing server output

1.1.2 (21 Feb 2005):
  • new: scp image well accepts drops
  • new: scp local path field accepts drops (Mark Fleming)
  • new: sftp filetype in info window is obtained via LaunchServices
  • new: project upgraded from ProjectBuilder to Xcode native
  • fix: sftp properly nul-terminates raw byte strings in download path
  • fix: sftp browser re-caches icons if directory is modified
  • fix: sftp CLI external editing handles spaces in pathnames
  • fix: eliminated crash when uploading an externally edited file and Fugu is hidden

1.1.2rc1 (3 Jan 2005):
  • Real local icon display.
  • Icon caching improvements.
  • Fix for changing filenames truncated with ellipsis.
  • Errors display properly when they occur during upload or download.

1.1.1 (13 Dec 2004):
  • Added advanced options to Favorites.
  • Overwrite behaviour is more consistent.
  • Overwrite prompts can be disabled with a hidden default (defaults write edu.umich.fugu TrapezeWithNoNet yes).

1.1.1rc2 (6 Dec 2004):
  • Fix for hanging connections.
  • Improved ssh version detection.
  • Fix for handling raw byte directory names.
  • Warning message if we try to run SSH.com's sftp (unsupported).
  • Somewhat improved searching for supported external editors.
  • Minor improvements to unknown host key parsing.

1.1.1rc1 (30 Nov 2004):
  • Much improved handling of unknown character encodings.
  • Improved method of locating valid External Editors.
  • Support for TextMate as an External Editor.
  • Support for vi and emacs as External Editors.
  • Fix for date sorting.
  • Much cleaner backend code (a continuing effort).
  • Experimental spring-loaded folder support.
  • Improved update checking.
  • Filename abbreviation with ellipsis, like the Finder.

1.1 (24 Oct 2003):
  • Fixed a crash caused by corrupted autosaved NSTableViews.
  • Fixed endless progress bad spinning when refreshing directories.
  • restored local port field to SSH Tunnel window.
  • Fix for continuous beeping occuring when transferring files and window is minimized.
  • Sort items by name if size, date, owner, group or permissions are the same.
  • Prefs load more reliably.
  • International version has localizations in Dutch, Finnish, French, German and Spanish.
  • Some toolbar image tweaks.

1.1 beta 2 (26 Sep 2003):
  • Clicking on column headers now sorts column contents.
  • Added PageSpinner as a supported external editor.
  • Added support for OpenSSH 3.7.1p2.
  • Significant improvements to the backend.
  • Fix for SSH Tunnel window not updating following successful authentication.
  • Fix for preference panel disappearing.

1.1 beta (3 Sep 2003 ):
  • External Editor support (BBEdit, BBEdit Lite, SubEthaEdit, TextWrangler).
  • Image previews.
  • Customizable information display in file browsers.
  • New toolbar icons.
  • Support for OpenSSH 3.6 (transfer progress feedback)
  • Revised information panel.
  • Added ability to use compression, force SSH1 connections, and take additional ssh command line options.
  • Rendezvous support.
  • Expanded preferences and new preference panel look.
  • Optional ASCII-order or alphabetical file sorting.
  • Improved sorting speed.
  • Simplified SSH Tunnel interface.
  • Support for servers running on Cygwin.
  • Support for servers running OpenSSH 2.x.
  • Fix: display changes after modifying a remote item's owner, group or mode.
  • Improved icon display.
  • Fix: tabbing between local and remote browsers now works.
  • Fix: nicknames for favorites now stick.
  • Fix: moving local files to trash now more reliable.

1.0 (10 Apr 2003):
  • Improved type-ahead find, behaving more like the Finder.
  • Added ability to rename files and folders.
  • Fixed issue in which no files or folders would be displayed when connecting to a VShell server's root directory.
  • Fixed a few interface problems; added constraints to the size of the SFTP panes.
  • Added nicknames for Favorites in preferences window.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Slightly improved handling of character encodings.
  • If available, use nicknames in Favorites pop-up button.
  • Using sheets instead of modal windows when possible.
  • Don't quit program when last window is closed.
  • Using NSCell subclass instead of NSBrowserCell, which was causing some graphic glitches.
  • Improved error reporting when something goes wrong trying to use the keychain.
  • If the host to which we're trying to connect doesn't exist, let the user know.

0.9.4 (3 Apr 2003):
  • Keychain support.
  • Support for connections to Windows machines running VShell.
  • German localization by Thomas Fuchs.
  • Basic type-ahead find implementation.
  • Fix for hang occurring when Fugu encounters filenames containing characters that do not conform to UTF-8. (Recognizing and properly handling all character sets is in progress.)
  • Fix for problem in which Fugu would upload a file to the current remote directory instead of the folder on which it was dropped.
  • Fix for incorrect permission check box settings.
  • Support, in a way, for the ~ shortcut in the Go To sheet when moving to another remote directory. (OpenSSH's sftp client does not expand ~ in paths.)
  • Local filenames are displayed using -displayNameAtPath:
  • File listings are properly reloaded following a successfuly secure copy.
  • Redesigned connection interface, relying less on sheets.
  • Only one trash can in toolbar.
  • Keyboard shortcuts allowing user to shift focus from one pane to another.
  • Increased and improved use of tooltips.
  • Removed obsolete Connect toolbar item.