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Hindsite is a web-based DNS and DHCP configuration management system that simplifies the management of multiple sites. Hindsite displays DNS and DHCP information in an easy-to-read format. It also allows the editing of said information by users with the appropriate permissions while maintaining file security and syntax.

DNS and DHCP are initially configured by the site manager. Hindsite allows the editing of these configurations without the need to manually modify the files, thus obviating the need for time-consuming adminstrative involvement.
Hindsite maintains a database of users who have permission to make DNS and DHCP changes, and allows those users to make site-related changes to configuration files. This conveniently allows users who have little or no pertinent technical experience to modify DNS and DHCP configuration information in sites without jeopardizing system integrity.
Hindsite's Graphical User Interface, or GUI, expedites the use of simple point-and-click navigation that allows users to view and edit a catalogue of sites containing individual machine information, such as IP address, domain name, serial number, hardware address, and machine description. New data fields can be added as necessary, adding to the functionality of Hindsite as an effective hardware inventory manager.

Hindsite is not yet available.

Hindsite is not currently available for distribution, but is being implemented for the pilot service Host Master.