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iHook - a graphical interface designed as a frontend for commandline executables.

iHook is a graphical frontend for any commandline executable. It gives scripts a pleasant Aqua face, and allows script writers to provide graphical feedback without having to learn one of the higher APIs available for Mac OS X.

iHook accomplishes this through its ability to understand a set of directives. When a script writes an iHook Directive to stdout, iHook will modify its own interface based on the content of the Directive. A simple shell script can have an Aqua interface, complete with a progress bar and drawer.

When launched in the Finder, iHook prompts the user to choose a script to run; iHook also accepts file drops on its icon, and will attempt to run the dropped file. iHook is also highly useful as an interface for Mac OS X LogoutHooks.

iHook News:

29 May 2008 -- iHook is moving to SourceForge. This page will remain in place until the website and file archives are moved. Once that move is complete, ihook.org will point to ihook.sourceforge.net and this site will be decommissioned.

19 May 2008 -- Document describing how to use iHook over the loginwindow on Mac OS X 10.5.

Contributed by Art Hughes.

17 Nov 2007 -- iHook 1.1.1 released.

17 Nov 2007 -- iHook 1.1.1 source released.