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iHook - iHook scripts.

Bourne shell iHook scripts:

Perl iHook scripts:

Contributed scripts and links:

These scripts have been submitted by groups not associated with RSUG, and have not been tested. Use at your own risk.
  • radmind-image.sh - a bourne shell script based loosely on sh-radmind-logout.hook. It supports a number of command-line switches, allowing the user or calling process to control how the script will run. Submitted by Nathan Hruby of the University of Georgia. Details of his setup may be found here.

  • Encrypting home directories in Mac OS X 10.2 - a method of providing encrypted home directories on Mac OS X 10.2, using iHook as the interface. Contributed by Linc Davis.

  • One Solution to Kerberized Printing with CUPS under Mac OS X 10.2 - a collection of items that provide kerberized printing in Mac OS X 10.2, using iHook as the interface. Contributed by Everette Allen of North Carolina State University.

  • WebBeeper.hook - a ruby script monitoring the httpd access log on a remote server. It plays sounds based on the sort of http requests the server receives. Contributed by Daniel Von Fange.