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umimspd is an IMSP preferences server for IMAP mail clients.

An IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) client is a mail client that uses the IMAP protocol to retrieve stored mail from a mail repository, such as RSUG's IMAP mail servers. Examples of IMAP clients include Pine and Mulberry .

User mail is stored remotely. This enables users to use different mail clients from different locations to access the same mail folders and stored messages.

IMSP, or Internet Mail Support Protocol, allows user preferences to be stored remotely. This allows the usage of the same settings for each email session regardless of location or email client. For example, a user can use Mulberry to access email at a campus computing site, at home, or at work, and still keep the same preferences. If preference settings are changed on one client, other clients will automatically download the changes.

Site managers can change default preferences that will automatically be downloaded by all mail clients that use the IMAP protocol, making site changes easy and convenient.

Site managers can toggle individual preferences to be unchangeable, maintaining the integrity of desired settings.

Users can view and modify the preferences available to them because umimspd maintains a database of user settings that are served to individual clients.

umimspd is not yet available.

Currently implements all of the option commands specified in the IMSP Internet Draft.
Supports Kerberos IV authentication. Kerberos allows the server to verify a user's identity without sending non-secure password information over the network.
Supports dynamic options. umimspd allows administrators to set options such that they return dynamically assigned values when requested instead of static values. For example, an option named IMSP.QUOTA.AVAILABLE could be set to return the amount of unused quota space a user has available on the IMSP server at the time of the request. Dynamic options can be easily configured by modifying the user's default options file.
umimpsd does not implement the entire set of IMSP commands proposed in the IMSP Internet Draft . It does not support plain-text password authentication, nor does it support any of the commands related to address book manipulation.
The current version of umimspd has only been compiled and tested on Solaris 2.x.